Professional Employment:

Professor of

Russian State University of Trade and Economics (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics)

(Saratov Institute)                                                                                           since 1.09.2011 - present

Professor, Chair Business Communication

Higher School of Realty Institute of Professional Education, Saratov                               2008 - 2011


Associate professor

Department of Foreign Languages,

Theory of Translation and Intercultural Communication

Saratov State Socio-Economics University, Saratov, Russia                                             1992 – 2000


Russian language instructor and language tester

Peace Corps (USA) on the territory of Russia (on contract basis)                                        1992-2000


Coordinator of Cross-Cultural trainings (Cross-Cultural Coordinator)

Peace Corps (USA) on the territory of Russia (on contract basis)                                            2001




Post-doctoral student

Department of Psycholinguistics and the Theory of Communication

Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia              2001-2006


Doctoral student

Department of General Language Study

Saratov State University, Russia                                                                                      1992-1995


Honors Diploma, Romance-Germanic Philology

Saratov State University, Russia

Areas of specialization: language and culture, linguistics                                                1987-1982


Honors Diploma

Saratov secondary school N42 with the extensive English language learning

(now gymnasium N3)                                                                                                       1973-1982



Diploma of Doctor of Science                                                                                                     2007

Dissertation: “Ethno-Cultural Peculiarities of Linguistic Consciousness

(Theoretical and Practical Research)” (defended February 2006 at the

Russian Academy of Sciences,)


Diploma of Associate Professor                                                                                                   1998


Diploma of Candidate of Science, General Language Study,

Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics                                                                                              1995

Dissertation: “The Phenomenon of Psychological Attitude in Foreign Text Perception”



Languages: Russian (native), English (Advanced User), French (Intermediate), German (basic).